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Mega-deals still mark the M&A cycle

The proportion of acquisition targets with institutional backing has risen to an all-time high of 20%—with private equity accounting for the lion’s share at 10.6%. PE analyst Wylie Fernyhough shares the details of his new favorite eight-syllable word.

The 2018 Annual M&A Report captures the fifth consecutive year in which total North American and European M&A deal value surmounted $3 trillion. This figure transpired in part thanks to plentiful mega-deals ($5 billion+) and in spite of withdrawing public indices, climbing North American interest rates, and nearing recessions for some European economies.

This edition of PitchBook's M&A Report ruminates on swelling deal sizes in both regions, the impact of protectionism on cross-border M&A deal flow, and why M&A targets are seeing more institutional backing.



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